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GFMA membership services

Fish Settlement

A bespoke financial service that guarantees payment to suppliers, vessel owners, merchants' within 10 days.


We are proactive with industry related organisations especially Seafish where we serve on various advisory committees including the Food Legislation Expert Group and Importers & Processors Panel.

Local Government

Strong interface with North East Lincolnshire Council and their partner Engie in respect of Regeneration and Environmental Health for advice on food safety, hygiene, waste disposal and export certificates etc.

Port Authority

We work closely with ABP on many issues but especially on waste management and the long-term redevelopment of the fish dock estate.


Advice on matters relating to employment law and debt collection.

Grimsby Fish Market

We are shareholders and are proactive in promoting the port to attract more supply. Grimsby can offer a range of services and competitive rates to visiting vessels.

Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education

We have a close association for training, up-skilling and innovation.

National and European Government

Close liaison with regional MP's and MEP's.

Seafood Grimsby and Humber Cluster Board

Board members.

How to become a member

Grimsby FMA commit to work on behalf of all its members. Whilst Grimsby based, our membership is geographically spread from Fleetwood to Grimsby; therefore no matter where you are located you can be a member and receive full support.

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How to become a member
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