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Grimsby Fish Merchants Association

Grimsby FMA

Grimsby F.M.A currently has over 60 full and associate members. The membership includes large employers in the region along with the majority of the areas micro & small processors employing between 5 - 20 staff. The Association has a board of four directors including the one chairman, Mike Woods, who meet and hold board meetings on bi-monthly basis.

The Grimsby F.M.A. has been managed by Seafox Management Consultants Ltd since September 2016. Under the guidance of M.D, Simon Dwyer and Bridget Benton represent the interests of the members’. They also manage the weekly fish settlement scheme on behalf of the sellers and buyers of seafood.

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The goals and ambitions of GFMA are:

  • Be a knowledgeable and accessible point of contact for the regions’ seafood processing sector and the 5,700 jobs.

  • Supporting and developing the supply of fish to the Grimsby auction market.

  • Maintain a profitable fish merchants association and providing a responsive service to meet member needs.

  • Deliver a robust, accountable and transparent settlement scheme.

  • Sustain and grow FMA full and associate membership.

  • Promote awareness of funding and the industry through its national and international network.

  • Assist members with training and legislation requirements.

  • Support members to grow their exports.

  • Maintain a pro-active dialogue with Seafish Industry Authority, Local Members of Parliament, Government Departments, Local Enterprise Partnerships and other national and International seafood related organisations.

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The goals and ambitions of GFMA are:
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